11th CariView: Joukumachi no Dandelion

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This next CariView of a fav 2015 anime from a fellow aniblogger will be one from cirno9fan, Joukumachi no Dandelion.

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Calendar: February 2016 (Akagi & Kaga)

Rated A For Anime

Characters Featured :



Characters Bio:

Akagi is depicted has having an openly and cheerfully personality as well as be gluttonous. The flight decks position on her left arm and waist feature a katakana (ka), her identification mark that was painted on the real-life aircraft carrier. She is dubbed the “Queen of Bauxite” because of her reputation of eating up all the Bauxite reserves in the Kantai Collection game. In 1942, she was scuttled by Japanese destroyers after being heavily damaged by the USS Enterprise.  Her name translated means “Red Castle”, and comes from Mount Akagi in Japan.

Kaga is depicted has having an emotionless and serious personality, to contrast with Akagi’s playful personality. The flight decks similar to Akagi also feature her katakana (a). In the manga, she is extremely protective of Akagi from destroyers that historically destroy her. She also gives off excessive levels of body heat…

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276th G-View: Sailor Moon Crystal

The Yuri Nation

In preparation for the upcoming third season (the writers labeled it as the third season) I checked out the previous two seasons of what I consider an…interesting reboot to say the least. Let’s take a look at “Pretty Guardian – Sailor Moon Crystal”.

Note: This review is by someone who had not grown up watching the original Sailor Moon, thus having no nostalgic attachment to it. I was at least aware of some the major events in the franchise before picking this show up. Crystal was my first complete experience with the franchise. Comparisons made to the original will be used mainly for differentiation purposes and not to determine which is superior.

Sailor Moon Crystal Poster

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Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu – 05

RABUJOI - An Anime Blog


As we return to Yakumo’s saga, which is already suffused with a constant underlying melancholy borne from the knowledge these events have long since passed, a young Yakumo is desperate to be good at whatever it is he’s doing, be it rakugo or a more straightforward play.

To that end, he’s far more concerned with practicing than women, who a drunk Sukeroku brings home one night. It’s just the latest iteration of something Sukeroku has done since he and Yakumo first met as boys: trying to get him to loosen up.

Sukeroku believes you have to be “a little stupid” in order to survive in rakugo, something Yakumo is not only virtually incapable of being, but would be betraying who he is if he tried. The audience will always know if his heart isn’t in it. We’ve seen how bad that can go!


Speaking of his heart, it’s in a state of turmoil…

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Sword Art Online – 03 Review

Otakuness Anime Reviews


SAO II 03 – Everybody Wants the D

Well, *that* was surprising! I really enjoyed this episode! Sure, there were some problems (like the entire time Kirito was on screen). However, Sinon’s back-story was played quite well, requiring only a modest suspension of disbelief. SAO 2 is far from being perfect, but this week was definitely a step in the right direction.

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This Guy Called Tatsuya

My Winter 2015 Anime Menu  

Charlotte 01 – Think About Others

Mogami Moga in Young Jump No. 19 2014

the number 244

You know how I feel about this.

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